eCopy ShareScan Open Platform (OP) v4.0

Increase operating efficiency by integrating paper documents into your electronic workflow. Coupled with Sharp Multi-Function Peripherals (MFPs), eCopy ShareScan OP transforms paper documents into information that easily integrates with your business applications. Complementing Sharp's award-winning ImageSEND technology, eCopy ShareScan OP offers a dynamic touch screen user interface with document preview, address integration, and other workflow enhancing features including Scan and Mail, Scan and Fax, and Scan to Desktop. eCopy Desktop™ software is user-friendly and enables you to create PDFs by combining documents from different sources. You can also perform markups or annotations, sign documents electronically, then integrate them with your network fax and document management systems.

With eCopy Quick Connect you can create custom "scan to" buttons, automating the workflow process for scanned documents. In addition, eCopy Connectors offer native integration with a wide variety of enterprise software applications to help you maximize the return on your IT investment.

eCopy ShareScan OP and Sharp MFPs help improve overall business operations as well as streamline IT administration.

Business Operations Benefits:

  • Integrate paper documents with existing enterprise applications
  • Send paper documents electronically with security
  • Dynamic user interface displays unique user permission and preferences at the Sharp MFP
  • Integrated freestanding touch screen with tilt swivel keyboard

IT Administration Benefits:

  • Configure multiple devices from one central location
  • Configure Sharp MFPs with unique department requirements
  • Microsoft Centric Admin Model via MMC
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Administrators can manage Connector profiles for multiple eCopy ScanStations from an administrative workstation anywhere on the network
  • eCopy ShareScan OP enables connections into fax, e-mail, and document management applications (add-on connectors only) from the device
  • Create custom "Scan to" buttons using the eCopy Quick Connect feature
  • Reduce file size of color documents by more than 99% of the original size with eCopy Xpert Compression Technology
  • Easily transmit files across a network, digitally store, and print with superb text and image quality

Key Features of eCopy ShareScan OP:


  • Preview screen for verification of image quality in either color or black and white
  • Create searchable text of scanned paper documents using the eCopy ShareScan OP OCR capability
  • Routing rules can be set at the Administration Console for one step distribution


  • Integrates seamlessly with corporate e-mail address books including Microsoft Outlook/Exchange and Lotus Notes
  • The Session Logon retains authentication information for the entire session without prompting the user to enter credentials for each Connector
  • Configure Scan and Mail Connectors to send an e-mail to the authenticated user only
  • Print to eCopy Desktop Toolbar button for Microsoft Office to quickly create high quality PDFs
  • Tighter integration with MS SQL and Access databases improving the integrity of the meta data
  • Configure and display scanner settings such as DPI, paper size and color depth by Connector


  • Provide document security using password protection with 128-bit encryption for distributing and storing your scanned images
  • Capture the name of scanned documents and add them to the log file increasing audit trail capabilities with eCopy Activity Tracking
  • Enable users to capitalize on standard document password settings for Adobe PDF documents at the device with PDF Security

eCopy ShareScan OP is comprised of:

eCopy ScanStation

  • Integrated, free standing touch screen with easy to read icons for destination options, keyboard, and PC that connect easily to your Sharp MFP
  • Supports both color and black and white scanning

eCopy Desktop

  • Powerful set of document workflow tools enabling users to create PDFs in seconds, combine documents form different sources, perform markups or annotations, sign documents electronically and integrate scanned documents with e-mail, fax, and document management systems from their desktop
  • Compatible with most network fax, e-mail, and ODMA-compliant document management applications
  • 10 Licenses ship with the standard product, additional licenses may be purchased

Connectors and Services*
An eCopy-enabled Sharp MFP provides direct integration to a multitude of back-end applications via eCopy Connectors and eCopy Services. Connectors provide direct integration between an eCopy-enabled Sharp MFP and a multitude of back-end applications, like e-mail, document management systems, fax servers, enterprise software applications, etc. eCopy Services help organizations recoup the costs associated with scanning paper documents as well as track documents by number rather than by name. Connectors and Services complement existing software and hardware investments, maximize functionality, and provide a quick return on investment (ROI). With eCopy, integrating Sharp MFPs into existing enterprise workflows is simple with:

Core Connectors (Bundled with the base product)

  • eCopy Connector for Microsoft SharePoint** - documents can be sent to SharePoint repositories for storage and ongoing document lifecycle management, allowing the user to create Web sites for information sharing and document collaboration that increases individual, as well as departmental, productivity
  • Scan to Desktop - delivers scanned documents to the desktop via a personal Scan Inbox or Windows home directory
  • Scan and Fax - sends scanned documents using a company's existing network fax server through an integration with Fax servers and services
  • Scan and Mail - delivers scanned documents using a company's existing e-mail system through integrations with Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange
  • Scan to Printer - sends scanned documents to a remote printer anywhere on the network
  • eCopy Quick Connect - also bundled with the base product, eCopy Quick Connect offers the ability to create custom "Scan to" Buttons for administrators and users to easily automate the workflow for scanned documents

Add-On Connectors Available Through Sharp Authorized Dealers:

  • Services - Bates Numbering, Cost Recovery
  • Document Management - EMC Documentum Content Server, Filenet, Hummingbird Enterprise DM, Interwoven Worksite, Open Text's LiveLink

Add-On Connectors Available Through Third Party Vendors:

  • Fax Server - Biscom FAXCOM, Castelle FaxPress, emFAST FACSys, Interstar XMediusFAX/LighteningFAX, TOPCALL International TOPCALL Communication Server
  • Document Management - Ados, Columbiasoft Document Locator, DocuWare, eMason Clarity, EMC Documentum Application Xtender, Hyland Software OnBase J&H Office Equipment StapleWare (integration with DocuWare), Laserfiche, Open Archive echive, Questys Pro/Enterprise, Thomson Elite ProLaw, Tokairo Limited TokOpen, Westbrook FileMagic & Fortis, World Corporation Worldox, ZyLAB ZyIMAGE
  • Cost Recovery - Billback Systems iBillback, Copitrak, Equitrac, nQueue nQembedded, Print Audit 5, Sepialine Argos Platform
  • Miscellaneous - Biscom FileMarshal, ePrint Direct RemotePrinter, Open Archive Batch REnew, Rochester Software Associates, Inc. Qdirect.EDU, ScanPoint uniConnect

* For an updated list of connectors and the software version supported, please contact your nearest Sharp Authorized Dealer.

** The eCopy Connector for Microsoft SharePoint uses the Microsoft .NET framework to communicate with SharePoint products and technologies. Version 1.1 or later of the framework must be installed on the ScanStation PC for the Connector to work properly. The latest version of the .NET framework can be downloaded free of charge at