Sharp Imagesend

With the award winning Sharp ImageSEND technology our Digital IMAGERs™ connect people and ideas by streamlining business communications - optimizing document workflow efficiency and increasing productivity. ImageSEND integrates scanning and faxing into one convenient function. With one touch access, you can send a scanned document to any of the following destination types; Send to Email, Send to FTP, Send to Internet Fax (I-Fax), Send to Desktop, Send to Fax and Send to Group. With ImageSEND's Send to Group, you can simultaneously send scanned documents to up to 300 E-mail, Fax and I-Fax destinations. Scanned documents that are sent to a desktop can automatically open in a desktop application such as Word or Excel.

ImageSEND not only increases document workflow efficiency, it optimizes network administration. With ImageSEND your IT administrator uses tools located on the Web browser-based Imager Home Page to create and manage senders and destinations from any computer. Once set up on the Imager Home Page, each sender and destination appear as a "one-touch" key on the control panel of your Sharp Digital IMAGER. ImageSEND can store up to 500 destination addresses. ImageSEND includes 10 user licenses of Sharpdesk to further automate your document distribution process.

Sharp Digital IMAGERs with ImageSEND eliminate the need for separate office equipment like desktop scanners and dedicated fax machines.


  • Distribute documents quickly and easily
  • Store and retrieve documents quickly
  • Utilize contents of stored documents for other purposes
  • Reduce overnight mail costs
  • Reduce the need for filing cabinets and associated cost for office space


  • One-step installation
  • Flexible group-broadcasting
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) - image to text conversion
  • Device administration through a Web browser
  • User Authentication
  • LDAP Integration
  • Send to:
    • Email
    • FTP
    • I-Fax
    • Desktop
    • Fax
    • Group